ECA – European Casino Association

The European Casino Association (ECA) represents national associations and individual operators of licensed land-based casinos in Europe. To date, the ECA represents the interests of appoximately 800 casinos and 55,000 employees in 24 countries across Europe. Founded in the early 1990s as the European Casino Forum, the ECA has grown steadily over the years and today includes members from nearly all EU Member States, as well as Switzerland and Serbia.

ECA Members


Austria Casinos Austria
Belgium Belgian Casino Federation
Czech Republic c/o Czech Casinos a.s.
Denmark c/o Casino Copenhagen
Estonia Olympic Casino EESTI AS
Finland Grand Casino Helsinki
France Casinos de France
Germany c/o Spielbank-SH GmbH
Greece c/o Club Hotel Casino Loutraki
Hungary Hungarian Casino Association
Italy c/o Casino Campione
Latvia Latvian Association of Gaming Business
Lithuania Lithuania Gaming Operators Association
Luxemburg Casino 2000
Poland Casinos Poland
Portugal Associaçao Portuguesa de Casinos (site não disponível)
Romania Casino Bucharest
Serbia Grand Casino Beograd
Slovakia Slovak Casino Association
Slovenia HIT Casino Group
Spain Asociación Española de Casinos de Juego
Sweden Casino Cosmopol AB
Switzerland Swiss Casino Federation
The Netherlands Holland Casino

ECA Code of Condut

Who we are and what we stand for

The ECA members have extensive expertise that is founded upon decades of experience. Based on our integrity and professionalism in managing our business, the casino industry in Europe has progressed over the years in a gradual and responsible manner to adapt to a changing society, in particular in terms of the economy, regulatory landscape and, of course, technology. In this respect, our business has evolved from the simple provision of traditional casino table games to a far broader casino concept, which includes table games (including poker), slot machines, food & beverage, entertainment, hotels and much more.

The distribution channels for our services have also changed over time. From a single land-based source, distribution in some countries has now been extended to the Internet as well as to other multiple technology-based channels. Despite these changes, the ECA members remain committed to the core values associated with the ECA’s identity: representing the interests of Europe’s licensed, land-based casino industry and its portfolio of offline and online gambling and other recreation and leisure services.

This Code serves as a constant reminder of the key requirements set out by the ECA, which its members are required to uphold as a condition of membership.
The Code governs the conduct of all ECA members and seeks to ensure that they champion the ECA’s fundamental values of integrity, professionalism, social responsibility and ambition by observing the principles explained in the ECA code of Conduct.

Download the ECA code of conduct here (printable version)

Code of Pratice for Responsible Gaming

In addition to existing laws and guidelines established by regulators, members of the ECA consider adopting an ethical and transparent approach to their activities the best way to serve the public and protect vulnerable individuals. This includes adhering to the Code of Practice for Responsible Gaming in the Casino Environment.

download the Code of Practice

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