Brussels, 28th November 2013 – On the first anniversary of the Commission’s action plan on online gambling, EU decision makers, national authorities, representatives of the wider Digital economy and gambling stakeholders came together at the 6th Responsible Gaming Day for a round table discussion on how to improve the regulatory landscape in the EU.


A vibrant event – over 160 participants registered – saw a lively exchange between the roundtable panellists and with the audience on questions such as how regulation of national online gambling markets can facilitate an attractive legal offer to consumers, the diverging approaches between Member States and what lessons can be learned from other sectors in the EU Digital economy to improve regulation for the online gambling sector in the EU. Claire Bury, Director for Internal Market and Services at the European Commission gave an overview of the implementation of the European Commission’s action plan on online gambling to date and the actions that are to follow in 2014.

There was general agreement that the public policy objectives for gambling legislation, such as a high level of consumer protection and the prevention of fraud are widely shared, but that there are quite diverging ways between Member States how to achieve those. The development of an attractive range of legal gambling opportunities is pivotal to effectively prevent consumers from going on sites outside the regulatory framework.

Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Unibet and board member of the EGBA, said “The big challenge facing the EU, Member States and the licensed industry alike is how to make sure that regulation is capable of channelling consumers to safe and attractive online gambling products. EGBA is committed to work with all national and EU stakeholders towards an efficient and effective – and a more common – approach on online gambling.”

Fonte: EGBA

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